SF Genie # 80

1 Britney Spears Faster Than Usual  - `God's Job` (2-6)

2 Multeasers with Robert Heinlein `Arthur C. Clarke’s SIV Carriers Would Rather Eat Talking’s Animals` (6-20)

3 Pop Musk - `Passing The Testes of the Homosexuals Pretending to be Policemen` (21-30)

4 Gaily Brash Appearing Sensitive To Onlookers While Snaffling Chips From His Friend’s - `The Policed and its Sores` (31-42)

5 Billy Fartzman, but there’s no discernible difference- ‘The Axe Scent of The Assumption` (42-49)

6 Bunny Church’s Blue Jacket Stolen by McGregor Again - ‘Puppetry Owners’ (49-53)

7 Arthur C. Clarke’s Majestic Twelve Pumpernickel Tea Adverts - `Women Aren’t The Anime` (53-)63

8 Manuel and the Music of The Dandy’s Corky Cat - `For Portal Hardened Veterans Everywhere`(63-78)

9 Blithely Going On having Forgotten What It IS To Be Bald - `Captcha Virus` (78-94)

10 SF To Throw Eggs At – `Fagin and his Red Hot End` (94-110)