SF Genie # 79

1 Britney Spears’ Tuna Fish With Her Teeth Bared - `The Firers After A Heavy Business Launch` (2-23)

2 TANSTAAFL Unless Heinlein Pays `Stab Blight, Stab Rite, the First Whore I See Tonight` (23-43)

3 Pop Musk - ` SEATO was a CTO` (44-58)

4 Gaily Brash Looking To See Who’s Stabbing Who When The Lights Are At Red Before It’s Grin Fork Go - `Vampire Draining For Life` (58-68)

5 Billy Vin, ‘Whatever Lights Your Candle, Baby’ - `Burkinas` (68-75)

6 Bunny Church Giving Up Lending Things For Lent - ‘Spiners’ (75-87)

7 The Manhole E. Thick Award For The Hairiest Nipples Poking Through A String Vest By Arthur C. Clarke - `Lord of the Flies` (87-96)

8 Macho Pictures’ Pyramid Steps To Andy’s Music - `The Foot Chain` (97-102)

9 No. 1 Going On A Bit Too Much As Usual, So Biff Whore Bangs Him In The Mouth With A Photon Torpedo - `Gay Means Kill` (102-112)

10 SF To Throw Eggs At - ` Humans Sacrificed By Animals ` (112-119)