SF Genie # 78

1 Britney Spears’ U-Bend - `The Worker Fire Us` (2-7)

2 Raw Butt Heinlein, Eh? - `Literary Criticism isn’t Music for the Blind and Deaf` (8-12)

3 Pop Musk - `Affection is a Virus Interfering with the Animals' Erect Guns` (12-19)

4 Gaily Brash With A Hole In His Sole Wondering If He Can Keep The Water Out Until The Shoes Are Paid For - `The Internal Combustion Engine` (19-30)

5 Billy Vin Tomatoes - `Aryan Supermen` (30-40)

6 Bunny Church Confesses To Having Had Some Carrots, But For His ‘Own Personal Use’, During The Period Of Harvest Festival - ‘Putin ‘V’ Laden’ (40-47)

7 Dominoes Takes Over The Universe Again With Arthur C. Clarke - `Oedipus Looks Like A Father` (47-53)

8 Technotitlan’s Warehouse Party - `Rock ‘n’ Roll` (53-77)

9 Going On While Blithely Ignoring Official Inquiries As To Their Usual Whereabouts - `Why Do Homosexuals Fuck Monkeys?` (77-86)

10 SF To Throw Eggs At - `The Schoolgirl, the Gravedigger, and the Spade` (86-91)