SF Genie # 71

1 Hair Is Britney Spears’ Now? `Another Drop Of Boy Sons` (2-11)

2 Bob-a-Job Heinlein `Barber’s Pole` (11-18)

3 Pop Musk  - `The Emergence of a Biological Precedent: Saddam Hussein` (18-24)

4 Gaily Brash’s Opinion About Whether Oranges Should Come In String Bags Or Be Loosely Available - `Auburn Guerillas` (24-30)

5 Billy Vinnit, Or Else His Mum … - `The Levant’s Child` (30-43)

6 Car Rots With Bunny Church At The Wheel - `Not Fade Away` (43-45)

7 Arthur C. Clarke`s Weird Habit Of Hanging Onto His Nuts In Public - `Torturing The Food To Death After It's Fucked It` (45-56)

8 Olmec Devices For Enlarging The Holes In Shoes That The Laces Pass Through - `The Akh Jesus` (56-65)

9 Boldly Gong -`It’s Only Arachnid Roll` (65-78)

10 SF To Throw Eggs At - `The Mysterious Identity Of The Austrian Who Wants To Watch Moslem TV’ (78-89)