SF Genie # 61

1 Yeah Bod - `The Yeah Pods That Go With Pod`s Eyes` (2-15)

2 Caleb Saunders - `The Culture Of The Blinders` (15-39)

3 Deeley Boppers` Buppies - `Why Did Jesus Go To Jerusalem?` (39-52)

4 Putting The Talcum Powder First With Gaily Brash - `Jesus Was Killed For Defending A Woman` (52-70)

5 There`s Soap For The Varmint Billy Vinnit - `Oops! The Pit And The Pendulum` (71-79)

6 There`s Something Bunny Going On At The Church - `Saved By The Blood Of Jesus` (79-92)

7 A. C. Clarke`s Incredible Lemon And Meringue Biscuit Tin - `Jesus Christ Wasn`t Their Gender And They Had Nothing To Communicate Except AIDS` (92-113)

8 Inca Carnations - `Eating Its Foot, And Standing On Its Food` (113-22)

9 Star Trek, Still Going On But People Are Beginning To Throw Stones - `The Women Of Mudd` (122-134)

10 More Science Fiction Than You Can Throw Your Walking Stick At - `Poddy Fries` Try Pod`s` (134-50)