SF Genie #60

1 Britney Spears`s Cod - `Piece Under Cod` (2-19)

2 Noses MacNobald - `The Spirit Of The Mad Chariot Driver` (19-31)

3 Deeley Boppers Introduced - `The TV That Attained Sentience And Thought Itself Superior To Man ` (32-45)

4 Gaily Brash Bowing Only To The Asparagus Tips When The Refrigerator Light Comes On - `The Killer Doesn`t Want The Woman To Escape` (45-64)

5 There`s Soap For The Varmint Billy Vinnit - `Jesus Captured By The Romance` (64-78)

6 Lettuce Leaf Church With Bernice, And To Hell With Bunny - `Oops! ... I Wolfed It Again` (78-98)

7 A. C. Clarke`s Rendezvous With Ramón - `Johnnie Comes Marching Home` (98-109)

8 Toltec, But She Wouldn`t Adjust Her Hearing Aid - `Are We Praying To God, Or The Guards?` (109-123)

9 Star Trek, Going On But I`ve Got The Sound Off - `An Apple With A Warped Drive` (123-43)

10 `Mr Scott! Beam Up Me!` - `The Gender Coward That Fakes` (143-53)