SF Genie #6

1 Britney Spears, Still On Top - Mars` Barbarella, Jane Fonda and Britney Spears` `Oops! … I Did It Again`: The Washing Machine and The Camera (3-13)

2 Heinlein Corner - Dr Who and the Chair Legs, Britney Spears` Stronger and Robert A. Heinlein`s `Gay Deciever` (13-51)

3 Flashing back with some pop, `It Really Doesn`t Matter At All` - God Goes Down Like A Lead Balloon With Led Zeppelin (51-60)

4 Women With Balls, A Feminist Tissue - Woman is a Confectionate Picture From A Consumer`s Perspective, And Her Affectionate Picture Is Of The Consumed (60-76)

5 Misanthropists In Space, Chunky Herberts With Ray Guns – The House That MAP Built (76-123)

6 New Christianity with Bunny Church - Doctor Who Is Jesus (123-158)

7 English Language Teaching with Lazy Bob - The Idiots And The Teacher (158-160)

8 Spoofiction, If It Spoofs Spoof It – The Soup Insiders (160-161)

9 Star Trek, Going A Bit Further - Chimp Pansy`s; the Apes of Satan: On Her Majesty`s Secret Service - Her Rapes and Her AIDS (161-191)

10 Lost In Space, Who Am I? - Britney Spears And The Legend Of Sleepy Holo (191-239)