SF Genie # 51

1 Britney Spears Not Letting An Inch Up There - `Is Britney Spears Widow Twanky?` (3-9)

2 Nobbut Heinlein - `The Non-Interactive Society` (10-37)

3 Son of God With Daley Grynde Abjuring The Satanic Mill - `Jesus` Karma` (37-48)

4 The Tribble Mother With Gaily Brash- `The Seed In The Garden Of Eden` (48-61)

5 Sky Blue Pink Clouds And Yellow Spotted Green SquirrelsWith Billy Vinnit - `Legion` (62-76)

6 Bernice`s Church Buns - `The Church, Masturbation, And Blindness` (77-109)

7 A. C. Clarke`s Unexplained Sock Pattern- `Zippo Marx` (109-127)

8 Aztec Mobile Phones Of A Size And Dimension That Would Shame An Articulated Lorry With Earache Vin Doughnut - `Woman Cooks Meat, Men Drink Her Blood` (127-141)

9 Star Trek, Peering Onward Into The Darkness Because The Stars and Planets Have Long Since Been Left Behind - `Hologrom` (141-157)

10 Lust In Spice Girls - `The Magic Of Advertising` (157-166)