SF Genie # 50

1 Britney Spears Rigid - `Raising Spears` (2-51)

2 Some More From The Parasitoid Devourer - `The Role Of The Good Critic` (52-59)

3 Dully Ground - `The Cup and the Spear, the Phone and the Gun` (59-74)

4 Tribbles Are Just As Good As Hamsters With Gaily Brash - `Biunity` (74-85)

5 Flying Pigs With Billy Vinnit - `What Is Feminism?` (85-92)

6 Some Church Tail With Bunny And Bernice - `Sunderer`s Day` (92-114)

7 Arthur C. Clarke`s Mysterious Trousers `Magicians Or Teachers` (114-126)

8 Solid Gold Mayan Automobiles Without Wheels Built As Permanent Submarines By Cargo Cults In South Sea Islands With Earache Vin Doughnut `Human Economics` (127-155)

Star Trek, Rambling On Interminably With The Logic Of A Pointy Eared Alien - `The Moral Of The Bible: Virality Is Not Virility` (155-197)

10 Lost Tin Space, Homeless  - `The Magic Of Technology` (197-205)