SF Genie #5

1 Britney Spears, Still On Top - It`s A Britney Spears` Pie Film (2-38)

2 Heinlein Corner - The Number Of The Beast Is The Number Of A Manufacturer (38-57)

3 Flashing back with some pop, `It Really Doesn`t Matter At All` - If Music Be The Foot Of Love Play On (57-104)

4 Women With Balls, A Feminist Tissue – One Foot In The Grave (104-136)

5 Misanthropists In Space, Chunky Herberts With Ray Guns -  Castration Complex (136-164)

6 New Christianity with Bunny Church - Plague Aims Weren`t Jesus` (164-191)

7 English Language Teaching with Lazy Bob - How To Get A Job In TEFL (191-207)

8 Spoofiction, If It Spoofs Spoof It - The Mushroom Thieves (207-209)

9 Star Trek, Going A Bit Further - Star Trek: The Good Kirk and The Noggered Kirk (209-244)

10 Lost In Space, Who Am I? -  Ra Boats, Row Boats and Robots (244-289)