SF Genie # 49

1 Britney`s Beers  - `Animus And Animation` (3-43)

2 Stomaching Some More Heinlein - `The Farthering Of Boy Sons` (43-59)

3 Grynde, Daley - `Jesus Christ`s Political Truth And Judas Iscariot`s Political Correctness` (59-80)

4 Bags I The Yellow With Gaily Brash - `Really Gay Everybody` (80-93)

5 Thal Tales With Billy Vinnit - `TV Is A Gay Chaperone` (93-102)

6 Tolkien Church With `Ears` Bunny In Hoppiton - `It`s A Girl Trying To Escape From Its Killer` (102-119)

7 C. Arthur Clarke, And Possibly Fandango Too - `As A Genius Jesus Had A Lot More Bottle Than `PC` 911 To Help Vinegar Escape From His` (119-150)

8 Ancient Inca Spacemen In Romper Suits With Earache Vin Doughnut `We`re Living In A False Paradigm` (150-176)

9 Star Trek, Trekking Across The Universe, Because They Still Can`t Find Reverse- `Britney`s Radar` (176-227)

10 Tinned Space Lust  - `The Hot Jugular Cassette` (227-238)