SF Genie # 47

1 Britney Spears II - `Slave 4 U` (2-26)

2 Look Out Stomach Here It Comes - `The Trojan Virus` (27-30)

3 Grynde, Daley - `Impotencia and Potencia` (31-36)

4 Brought To You By Gaily Brash And His Pseudonym, Brush Tooth - `The Red Dragon And The Woman Clothed With The Sun` (37-49)

5 Mind Bogglingly Real With Billy Vinnit - `Red Sky` (49-62)

6 Will It Be A Church Wedding For Bunny And Bernice? - `Riding Horses Made Of Water` (62-92)

7 C. Arthur Clarke, And Possibly Fandango Too - `Foot, Balls, Brains: Am I Dribbling?` (92-126)

8 Aztec Spacemen Cargo Cults With Earache Vin Doughnut `Seeing Right With A Sorite: Lewis Carroll`s Alice In Wonderland` (126-161)

9 Star Trek, Going On Light Years Ahead Of Everyone, And Not Slowing Down To Pick Up Zaphod Beeblebrox- `Smile Like Evil Robots` (162-199)

10 Tinned In Space And Lost The Can Opener -  `The Sun Page Three Cul-De-Sac` (199-209)