SF Genie #4

1 Britney Spears, Still On Top (No, She`s Still Moving) – That Britney Is Coming (2-33)

2 Heinlein Corner - Homosexuals Aren`t Women (34-76)
3 Flashing back with some pop, `It Really Doesn`t Matter At All` - I Want To Look Like A Woman And Get All The Chicks (76-106)
4 Women With Balls, A Feminist Tissue - Mommy`s Little Girl Still Waiting In The Car Park (106-146)
5 Misanthropists In Space, Chunky Herberts (Pissed In Space) With Ray Guns – Supramazonic (146-178)
6 New Christianity with Bunny Church – Ghost Rider (178-200)
7 English Language Teaching with Lazy Bob – Positions Hollywood (200-232)
8 Spoofiction, If It Spoofs Spoof It – SWEATY + PALMS (232-256)
9 Star Trek, Going A Bit Further - You Will Cease To Exist If You Don`t Accept Woman`s Seed (256-279)
10 Lost In Space, What Am I? -  Jesus Didn`t Have Any Knights With A Woman Because The Program Was For Male Robots (279-297)