SF Genie # 37

1 Britney Spears` Pulling On Her Pumps; Gets A Nice Frothy Head On It - `Munchies With Britney Spears` (3-37)

2 Three Cornered Hats With Robert A. Heinlein - `Anthony Burgess` A Clockwork Orange and Britney Spears` `Oops! ... I Did It Again` (37-84)

3 Star Newts From Hollywood Bubble On – `A Rainbow Somewhere Over The Human Host`s Angelic Coast` (85-98)

4 Daley Grynde Reporting From The Snuff Mill - `There Isn`t A Sorrier Anthropologist Than Darwin` (98-120)

5 More Heroes, No? - `The Fantastic Four And The Invisible Woman` (120-133)

6 Bunny Church`s Organ At Harvey`s Vestibule - `Honest, Sah!` (133-151)

7 Bosoms, Red Pince Nez`s, And Throats - `Britney Spears` Not Yet TV 21 VCD ` (152-186)

8 Split Beaver À L`Orange - `Britney Spears` Distillation Of The Bible`s Meaning; Encapsulating Its Entirety In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` From Genesis To Revelation: To Eat, And Not To Devour.` (186-215)

9 Star Trek, Taken Badly But Still Able To Force Something Down And Keep Going - `Start Rex` (215-242)

10 Last In Space, And Enslaved By Less Intelligent Species - `Simple Rules` (243-281)