SF Genie #3

1 Britney Spears, Still On Top – Womanizer (2-20)

2 Heinlein Corner – Podkayne`s Eon Economics and Britney Spears` `Oops I Did It Again` (20-42)

3 Flashing back with some pop, `It Really Doesn`t Matter At All` - Lady Gaga Works Like A Trojan But For The T-Cells It’s A Bad Romance (42-51)

4 Women With Balls, A Feminist Tissue - The Grim Reproduction and the Future of Production (51-70)

5 Misanthropists In Space, Chunky Herberts With Ray Guns – If Music Be The Food Of Love… (70-92)

6 New Christianity with Bunny `Bun Each!` Church – No Sex Please We`re Aliens (92-111)

7 English Language Teaching with Lazy Bob – Is Ted Knacky Coccus Really Ted? (111-126)

8 Spoofiction, If It Spoofs Spoof It – Alice In Nudieland (126-152)

9 Star Trek, Going A Bit Further – `Still Capable Of A Few Drops` (152-180)

10 Lost In Space, What Am I? - Malien Psychology (181-195)