SF Genie # 29

1 Britney Spears Still Top With Bustier, `Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!` - `Atomic Hooper Impression: Britney Spears` Want Tom Reality in `Oops I Did It Again` (2-50)

2 Sitting Plumb In The Corner With Heinlein`s Christmas Pie - `War Of The Worlds` (50-93)

3 Flashing Flesh With Bulbs Popping - `Jew Look Cassette` (93-103)

4 Dishy Coke Head Running Off With The Family`s Silver Spoons - `Grief, Carrie Fisher and The Fisher King` (103-125)

5 In The Belly Of The Beast With Jonah - `Bukhoor, Mabkhara and Baphomet` (125-137)

6 Bernice And Bunny Church By A Different Font - `Look At The Brains On That!` (138-148)

7 A Kilo Of Blue Zarkonians And Thirty Decagrams Of Pickled Trinutians - `Margaret Thatcher, A Pearl Cast Before Swine` (149-165)

8 Are The Stars Out Tonight? - `It`s A Britney Spears` Pie Film` (165-197)

9 Star Trek, Making Some More Mushroom Tea To Have Something To Go On - `Chimp Pansy`s; the Apes of Satan: On Her Majesty`s Secret Service - Her Rapes and Her AIDS` (197-207)

10 Lost In Space, `There must have been a door there in the wall. For when I came in . . .` - `Britney Spears, Toxic and Dr Thunder PhD`s Argot` (207-252)