SF Genie # 28

1 Britney Spears On Top Still, Butt Moving Further Up - `Robin Hood Is Britney Spears` Criminal` (3-22)

2 Bob Heinlein`s Revolutionary Three Cornered Hat - `Last Orders For The Burka King` (22-30)

3 Chiggers Go Pop With Some Flesh Pulp Fiction - `Greco-Roman Britannia and the Western Empire of the United States of America versus the plaintiff, Jesus` (30-38)

4 And The Satellite Dish Played The Spoons While The TV`s Nose Was Running After Doing Some Coke - `You Shall Bruise His Heel` (38-54)

5 Turkish Espresso In The Oesophagus At Lunchtime - `Barefoot In The Park` (54-79)

6 Bunny `Zealot` Church And The Rabids - `Watching Their TV Daughter Die` (76-96)

7 Sky Blue Pink With Yellow Dots Saucer People On A Junket From A Distant Star Cluster - `Hercules And The Cannibal Horses` (96-106)

8 Buff Fiction, If It Buffs Buff It - `Why We Should Give Up Smoking And Drinking` (106-116)

9 Star Trek, Getting On Famously Together, While Thoughtfully Leaving A Trail Of Devastation For Those To Follow Who`re Desperate To Catch Up In Terms Of Technological Achievement - `Cough Feed Stirrups` (115-128)

10 Lost In Space, Which End Is Up? - `Cough Eid` (128-135)