SF Genie # 25

1 Britney Spears` Still On Stage, Is There A Doctor In The House? - `Hate Those Me Sister Pieces` (2-15)

2 Heinlein`s Chop Cornered - `Feminism Doesn`t Like Women` (15-47)

3 Popping Some Flesh and Potting Some Bulbs - `Chimps Come From AIDS` (47-64)

4 Dish Of The Day - `She`s Circus` (64-85)

5 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight - `James Joyce`s Ulysees Is About Memory` - (85-93)

6 Horror Isn`t Moral With `Bunny` Church - `Jesus Christ`s Birth Changed The World By His Nature, And Not His Teaching, Which Was His Nature` (93-104)

7 Little Green Men In Flying Saucers Looking For Sugar Lumps Next To The Teaspoon - `Military Heads` (104-120)

8 Buff Fiction, If It Buffs Buff It - `The Fertilizer Sack Of Baghdad` (120-153)

9 Star Trek, Going Where They`ve Already Been Because They Can`t Be Bothered To Look For Somewhere New To Have Coffee Together - `Cream Rises` (153-167)

10 Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, How Big Is This Sock? - `Escape From The Planet By The Humans` (167-203)