SF Genie # 23

1 Get Twerking With Britney Spears, `Christianity`s Merry-Go-Round` (3-14)


2 Turning The Corner With Heinlein, And Being Driven Around The Bend - `Mars Lander and God Phoenix` (14-35)


3 Putting Some Fleshings  On Some Palpitating Paps To Pop Some Puss - `Nein Levante` (35-44)


4 Snorting Some Balls With The Feminists, While Dabbing Our Nose Gently With A Tissue – `Schizophrenia In Women` (44-56)


5 Christian Mums With Spines, And Manganese Sailors Unbuttoning And Mooning - `R Spynes Amanga` (56-78)


6 Shopping With `Bunny` Church, And The New Kid`s On The Block, - `Never Mind The Bollocks, Here`s The Sex Pistols` (78-92)


7 English Language Teaching With Bob A Job, Or Perhaps A Little Less? `Our Man In Dammam` (92-127)


8 Buff Fiction, If It Buffs Buff It - `Half Eden` (127-158)


9 Star Trek, Onan On With Marina Sirtis - `Won`t Die` (159-174)


10 Lost In Space And Wide Open In The End Zone With The QB Sacked - `Captain Scarlet, Season 1, Episode 6, White as Snow` (174-188)