SF Genie # 22

1 Hi Ho It`s Off Twerk We Go - `Supper`s Ready` (2-29)
2 Heinlein Corner - `Invasion Of The Body Snatchers` (29-47)
3 Popping Up Some Flesh With A Bulb, But I Still Can`t See Anything - `Miley`s Nae Nae Kid ` (47-72)
4 Women With Balls, The Female Handkerchief – `The Human Species Is A Ball Snorting Decapitator` (72-95)
5 Chrysanthemums In Space, Monkish Sherberts With Hair Sprays - `Army Commander` (95-118)
6 New Christianity Shopping One Block Over From Where We Used To Live with Bunny `Smugglechops` Church - `DéJà Vu, Or Why We Have Seen It Before` (118-135)
7 English Language Teaching with Lifestyle Bobbed `To The TEFL A Teacher` (135-159)
8 Buff Fiction, If It Buffs Buff It - `Caput Draco` (159-177)
9 Star Trek, Going On Stilts - `Poor Grandma` (177-232)
10 Lurching About In Space With No Real Plan, What Was Over There Before We Were Over On Earth? - `Kids, War and Adult TV` (233-257)