SF Genie #21

1 Britney Spears, Top Still, But Signs Of Recent Exertion - `But I Thought The Old Lady Dropped It Into The Ocean In The End?` (3-23)

2 Heinlein Corner - `The War Of The Worlds` (23-63)

3 The Weasel Goes Pop With A Fresh Bulb, `No, It Really Doesn`t Matter At All` - `Reservoir Dogs, Adam (Who`s Sane?): An Essay From A Constructionalist Point Of View` (63-127)

4 Meat And Potatoes, Feminists Can Put A Bun In The Oven Too - `Women Are Superior` (127-146)

5 The Unclear Family, Making Sociology Into A Science Using An Old Cornflakes Box And An Empty Squeezy Bottle - `Shekinah Thing` (146-154)

6 Knewed Christianity with Bunny Girls - `The Spear Of God` (154-160)

7 No Prophet in English Language Teaching With Bob Lonesome - `Te-Ching` (160-161)

8 Buff Fiction, If It Buffs Buff It - `The Vampire AIDS` (161-364)

9 Star Trek, Not Caring Much Whether Anyone`s Been There Before Or Not - `Lead From The Pencil, Poison From The Pen` (436-450)

10 Lost In Space, Is This Yours? - `Entering Mars Orbit` (450-501)