SF Genie #20

1 Britney Spears, Still On Top But Signs Of Recent Activity - `Hot Gossip featuring Sarah Brightman`s Starship Trooper And Britney Spears` `Oops! ... I Did It Again` (2-80)

2 Heinlein`s Corner Shop – `Britney Spears` distillation of  the Bible`s meaning; encapsulating its entirety in `Oops! … I Did It Again`: from Genesis to Revelation - to eat, and not to devour` (80-113)

3 Still Some More Pop In The Bottle, `No, It Really Doesn`t Matter At All` - `Break A Leg` (113-120)

4 Women With Meatballs, A Feminist Dish – `Antigone Doesn`t Have To Marry Jocasta` (120-149)

5 The Nuclear Family, Making Sociology Into A Science With Ray Guns – `Behind Our Arras` (149-165)

6 New Christianity with `Bunny` Robots – `Red Sky` (165-179)

7 Shileng Luggage Teething white Zaly Obb - `The Use of Team Teaching and its Effect on EFL Students' Proficiency in English` (179-204)

8 Buff Fiction, If It Buffs Buff It – `In The Boy Zone With The Witch Queen Cannibal Vampires` (204-277)

9 Star Trek, Gone A Bit Further Away But Not Far Enough Yet – `The Cup And The Spear, The Phone And The Gun` (277-288)

10 Lost In Space, Which Is This Then? - `Sin City: The Al Uqab` (288-316)