SF Genie #19

1 Britney Spears, Rack On Tour – `Homosexual Pederasty, Warfare and Plague` (2-21)

2 Heinlein`s Gay, Cornering At The Nürbugring - `A Jungian Interpretation of Hansel and Gretel` (22-47)

3 Fleshing Out Some Pop, `It Really Doesn`t Matter At All`  - `Political Correctness and Political Expedience` (47-56)

4 Mopping Up Some Feminist Tissues - `Nos Es A Morbus` (56-67)

5 The Nuclear Family, Making Sociology Into A Science With Knobs On -  `The Syllogism Of Pederasty` (67-85)

6 War Of The Worlds With Judge `Mental` Bernice  -  `The Dead Wood & Whorse` (85-101)

7 In Magyarországon with Sokablak -  `Putting One`s Feet Up Without A Permit` (101-125)

8 Buff Fiction, If It Buffs Buff It – `Vampires Don`t Belong In Heaven If They Aren`t Sexual` (126-137)

9 Star Trek, Going Blithely On Regardless Of Any Misdemeanor - `Misogyny Is A Woman`s Animus` (137-168)

10 Lost In Space, `What Were You?` -  `The Suicide Of A Primitive People` (168-185)