SF Genie #10


1 Britney Spears, Still On Top - `Man, Brain and Penis Dysfunction in Britney Spears` Oops! … I Did It Again` (2-42)

2 Heinlein Corner -  Sixty Six Point Six Percent Is The Number Of The Beast (42-49)

3 Flashing back with some pop, `It Really Doesn`t Matter At All` - `In The Evening` (50-57)

4 Women With Balls, A Feminist Tissue - `SF Politics` (57-77)

5 Misanthropists In Space, Chunky Herberts With Raymond Gunns - `Ride!` she said (77-91)

6 New Christianity with Bunny Church - `Oedipus Is A Carnivore Watching Its Foot` (91-124)

7 English Language Teaching with Lazy Bob - `Curia utca and Curia utca` (125-146)

8 Spoofiction, If It Spoofs Spoof It - N. Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Hails Purge Of Uncle (146-147)

9 Star Trek, Going On A Bit More - `Britney Spears And The Hungarian Race Into Space` (147-170)

10 Lost In Space, Where Was I? - `Jo Guest: The Body Beautiful` (170-214)