SF Genie # 72

1 At The Barber’s With Britney `Cloaca And Dagger` (2-16)

2 Rabbit Heinlein’s Church Of All Buns `Men And Women Are Spaders` (16-29)

3 Pop Musk  - `Khidr Was A Scientist, Moses Was A Believer` (29-40)

4 Gaily Brash In The Supermarket With The Tops Off All The Toothpaste Trying To Decide Which Color Doesn’t Clash - `Led Zeppelin One, and Seventeen Minutes Later, Led Zeppelin Two` (40-66)

5 China’s Billy Vin Soon … - `Glocks and Brainpower` (66-76)

6 Bunny Church’s Go To Meetin’ Buns - `Off Message With The Christian Trolls` (76-83)

7 Arthur C. Clarke`s Annoying Habit Of Declaring Himself To Be A Shoe Emporium - `The Coffin In The Room` (83-93)

8 Toltec And I’m Not Going To Tell You - `Christianity Is A Castrating Whore` (94-110)

9 No One’s Going Anywhere Before Baldy Gets Here -`Hajer’s Maid’s Life On The Shit Slide` (110-118)

10 SF To Throw Eggs At – ‘The Sun, The Mirror, and The Star’ (118-122)