SF Genie # 70



1 Pierced Ears With Britney Spears - `The Purge: Coprophile Criticism` (2-19)

Bam - `C`mon You Apes` (19-25)

3 Pop Musk  - `Witches In Egypt And Walthamstow` (25-31)

4 Gaily Brash Looking For The Freshening Paper Towel Impregnated With Scented Disinfectant Among The Plastic Utensils Given Out With The Plane Food - `9/11`s New Yoga` (31-42)

5 Billy Vinnit, who wants it to be known that he has converted to Islam, and henceforth shall be called Billy Bin Nanahead - `Speeder Man` (42-50)

Trance Septum With Bunny `Golden Nose` Church - `Humanly Erect` (50-56)

7 Arthur C. Clarke`s Enormous Collection Of Toenail Clippings - `Safe Sex With Jesus` (56-64)

8 Mayan Donald`s Burgers- `Homosexghoul` (65-72)

Boldly Coming And Going Without Leaving A Smell - `Sparta Woman` (72-81)

10 SF To Throw Eggs At - `This Species Isn't Exterminated Enough So They Can Play With It` (81-89)