SF Genie # 30

1 Britney Spears Still On Top, But Iggy Azalea`s Wobbling A Bit - `Watchmen` (2-20)

2 In A Science Fiction Cul De Sac With Robert A. Heinlein, But Cornered No Longer - `Counting To More Than Two` (20-67)

3 Star News From Hollywood Babylon – `Satan`s Tie` (67-76)

4 Spooning With Some Dish - `Jo Guest: The Body Beautiful` (76-121)

5 No More Heroes - `Still, Not Ted` (121-150)

6 The Ears Of Bunny Church - `The Devil`s Sign And The Devil`s Number` (150-168)

7 Thoughts From Outer Space - `Coffin, Tea and Algol` (168-178)

8 If Your Teeth Are Like Stars, Do They Come Out At Night? - `Hercules The Terminator` (178-195)

9 Star Trek, Looking For A Black Cat In A Coal Cellar At Midnight, Because It`s In That Direction That We`re Going - `This Is The Land Of Lost Content` (195-222)

10 Lost In Space, Reputedly Clapham Where The Cats Are Cool, Although They`re Not Quite Still Yet - `Cage, Gee Bee!` (222-238)